Pest Control

  • A-TAK Pest Control, Inc. stands behind our guarantee of 100% effectiveness.  If warranted pest infestation return at any time during a 3 month period, we will too, at no additional charge.
  • Convenient scheduling.
  • High quality service with small company pricing.  In most cases, our pest control is up to 50% less expensive than our national competitors.
  • Our treatment is guaranteed against all common crawling insects including: roaches, spiders, silverfish, earwigs, crickets, pill bugs, millipedes, centipedes, and pharaoh ants.
  • Treatment of your home is thorough and clean.
  • Our outside protection includes treating weep holes, eaves, doorways, windows and other entry points to create a barrier that stops pests from getting into your home.
  • Other yard services available for an additional charge include: fleas, carpenter ants and yard sprays.

We are a member of the Texas Pest Control Association.