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How often should service be rendered to get Crazy Ants under control?

It is recommended that you service your property every 30 days to control these pests. In order to understand why this is necessary, let’s take a look at these crazy ants for a moment. The crazy ant, – Paratrechina longicornis, is a species of ant, that according to Entomologists is not native to the United…
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March 13, 2018 0

Why is service every 30 days for a Crazy Ant infestation ideal for getting them under control?

The crazy ant, – Paratrechina longicornis, is not native to North America, it is not entirely known where it originally came from though it is believed to have arrived at the United States from Africa, or Asia. It is also thought they may have been brought in from the Carribean. Named the crazy ant because…
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December 17, 2017 0

What is an effective way to manage the Tawny Crazy Ant, Nylanderia fulva (Mayr)?

The Tawny crazy ant or Rasberry crazy ant is originally from South America.  The name comes from the erratic movement patterns of the ants. They get their Rasberry name from an exterminator, Tom Rasberry, who first discovered them in Florida.While they are mostly located throughout South America, they can be found in 27 gulf states…
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November 3, 2017 0