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Is dry ice an effective way to kill rodents out in the open?

Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide that has a surface temperature of -109 degrees Fahrenheit.  If used as a form of rodent control, it will replace the oxygen levels with carbon dioxide and suffocate the animals.  The use of carbon dioxide in this manner can cause symptoms of shortness of breath, however, death should be relatively quick and humane.

To use dry ice as a method of rodent control the material is placed into the animal’s tunnels, which are then sealed with dirt or other material.  As the dry ice “melts” it reverts back to the gaseous form of carbon dioxide, filling the tunnels and eliminating the rodents.

While dry ice will probably never replace poisons it is a valid form of removing rodents in tight areas.  And as started before dry ice is a much more humane way of dealing with rodents rather than using a drawn out poison.

Recently several cities have decided to do a test run of using dry ice to combat rodent problems.  Cities like Chicago started using dry ice in rat burrows.  The city reports that it is cheaper than poison, more effective, and safer as it can be more controlled so it does not affect small pets and birds.

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