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Can Adding Mouse Fecal Pellets Improve Bait Station Results?

If you’re just looking for the long-and-short of it, the answer is “yes.” Tests have proven to show that bait stations with fecal pellets also added to them are anywhere between roughly 10-15% more effective than those without. This has to do with the chemicals inside the fecal matter and how they play a key role in communicating with other mice in a way that attracts more of them.

One of the reasons for this is that the pellets indicate a higher likelihood for there to be food laying around somewhere in the nearby vicinity of the droppings recently left behind. It also creates a sense, albeit a false one in this case, of added security to that particular area.

This particular method of attracting more mice, however, does not necessarily work with other devices, such as multiple catch traps. For those to work, you can try using whatever conventional bait supply was already provided for such traps, and just add the droppings to the area directly around the traps you’re trying to use. If done correctly, the mice should at least be more attracted to that general region, which may, in theory, increase the efficacy of your other traps.

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