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What types of areas do mice prefer?

You might assume that all mice behave the same but they don’t. All mice want the same things, warmth, food, and plenty of space. However, depending on the type of mouse, they prefer different places to live.

One thing is factual for all mice, they like to have a large area. Mice like places to dig, run, climb, and swim. The like to roam around and be in a place that allows them to fully exercise. Mice are territorial and prefer to have a place to call their own. It’s ideal for all of these activities to be near the mouse. Mice can get a lot done in a small area.  It may be surprising but, the typical mouse does not travel further than 30 feet away from their home during the day.

There are different types of mice and they behave differently depending upon the type. House mice as well as deer mice will build their nest under rocks, their own fur, and bits of plants. Meadow jumping mice like to live in grasslands and avoid the woods. They like for the area to be thick with growth. Meadow jumping mice also like to live around marshland areas and ponds where you will also find pocket mice.

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