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What is the efficacy of performing rodent control the same way all the time?

Rodent control methods’ effectiveness will vary with each job. Therefore, it is important not to get too comfortable with performing rodent control the same way each time. Each situation should be individually evaluated and managed.

Determining the rodent species, and adjusting the control methods based on that determination, is a good first place to start. Pest control management focuses on eliminating access to a pest’s food and water sources, their entry/exit routes, and their shelter or safe spaces. Knowing the pest species means you know the approximate size, diet, and shelter preferences of the rodents, all of which can help you select the most effective methods.

The physical layout of the affected building / home, as well as other physical factors, such as season, the recent weather, and the surrounding environment, should all play a factor into choosing control methods as well. What works well for a barn in the country in the summer might not work or a studio apartment in the city in the winter!

Finally, rodent species are known for being smart and agile. Using the same methods over and over again will condition the survivors — they will begin to recognize the various traps or baits, and they will avoid them. Changing up methods, locations, time of day — anything! — will help prevent the rodents from becoming too familiar with the control equipment you’re using. Keep them guessing, and at the same time, be patient as they investigate the new items in their environment. It may take several days or more before they become comfortable enough with the baits or the trap to actually engage it.

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