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Wasps! They’re not all bad!

Oriental Wasp 1

Oriental Wasp 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Without the common paper wasp such as hornets and yellowjackets that make the nests that hang from our eaves,  we wouldn’t have such extravagances as ripened grapes for the making of wine and bread.  That’s because the wasp in addition to its spidery and insect-ful diet also loves a good juicy bit of fruit on occasion. In doing so, they ingest the wild yeast which will survive the winter freezes in their digestive tracts while the wasp hibernate.  Upon emergence the following spring when the wasps goes out for its juicy snack the yeast in its tract will be reintroduced into the wild.

This same wild yeast is helpful to those of us that capture wild yeast for creation of homemade breads.  The self-same methods that our ancient Israelite brothers did to capture yeast during the time of Pharaoh and the Exodus. However, with the advent of commercialized yeast many of us do not think of this and perceive the wasp as stinging pest that deserves our most vile of reactions, extermination!

If your relationship with the common wasp is not so beneficent then give Atak Pest Control, Inc. a call today for all of your wasp extermination needs.

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