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How can heat kill bed bugs?

Whether you are dealing with a few bed bugs, or a large infestation of these pests, bed bugs can quickly become a nightmare. When dealing with bed bugs, it’s best to act fast and be as thorough as possible to rid yourself of them. Bed bugs are pretty clever when it comes to hiding, so a thorough inspection of the direct problem areas and those close by is highly recommended. Though it may seem impossible to get these nasty creatures out of your life, don’t fret, you likely already have many of the tools right there in your home.

One of the best and scientifically proven ways to kill bed bugs, both adults and eggs, is to use a heat source. That’s right; heat will rid you of your unwanted house guests. But, how? Well, thermal deaths for a bed bug and their eggs can vary. How hot and how long you expose them to the heat are your primary factors when attempting to kill them.

While a temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit will certainly kill both the adults and eggs, that temperature will require constant exposure for at least 90 minutes to be fully effective. Whereas, a temperature of 118 degrees Fahrenheit will kill them with only 20 minutes of constant exposure.

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