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How can you tell if you have a carpenter ant infestation?

No one likes seeing ants in the house, but carpenter ants can be especially bad news for buildings. Carpenter ants are especially difficult to remove because they make their home in wood (and love soft or damaged wood in particular). In fact, carpenter ants are sometimes mistaken for terminates because both insects burrow tunnels in wood. If you suspect you have a carpenter ant infestation, there are a few key signs to look out for.

Seeing ants is always the first tipoff of an infestation. If you notice ants in and around your home, take a closer look. The bottom segment of a carpenter ant (aka its thorax) will be smooth, and carpenter ants often have a visible notch on their waist. Noticing winged ants near walls or ceilings may be a key warning sign pf a carpenter ant infestation. Winged carpenter ants are looking for a mate, and their presence may mean a colony has been active for several years. However, seeing carpenter ants does not mean you have an infestation. Carpenter ants often look for food (and mates) quite far away from the nest.

Finding wood shavings and sawdust is another key signs of a potential carpenter ant infestation. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not actually eat wood. Carpenter ants like their nests to be very smooth and clean, and remove the debris and sawdust they create as they burrow tunnels. This debris sometimes looks like irregularly-sized pencil shavings. It may also contain dust or segments from dead ants. Carpenter ants remove debris through slit-like openings (called ‘windows’) which may also be visible.  

Carpenter ants are most active at night. You may be able to hear them by holding a glass up to the wall and tapping on it. A soft clicking or rusting sound may indicate carpenter ants. If you knock on the wall and it sounds hollow, that may be another telltale sign.  It’s also important to know where to look. Carpenter ants prefer soft wood like pine, or wood that is moist or decaying. Inside, they like to live near water (kitchens, bathrooms, moist basements and leaky attics can be prime targets), and near door and window frames. Outside, carpenter ants are often drawn to damaged hardwood trees and tree stumps.

The presence of carpenter ants (particularly winged ants looking for mates), wood shavings and debris and rustling in the walls may all be signs of a carpenter ant infestation. If you suspect you may have a carpenter ant infestation, the best advice is to call a professional.

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Five strategies for Successful Flea Control

Pests are one of the major pain area in today’s household. Irrespective your house is an old one or new one you often get to see pests. They not only are dangerous but can really get you in trouble if they get access to food items. I am very particular about them and take proper care to ensure that my house is pest free. I have a contract with a pest control firm and they get to visit my house once in three months. There are few things which I like a lot about this company which I will share with you.

  1. They are very particular about their schedule. They are suppose to visit once in every three months and they are always there after making a call one day ahead of their visit. That gives us time to do necessary preparation to ensure that our life sails smooth when they do their job.
  2. They clean each and every corner of my house and upholstery. They know that the really reason for pests is dirt. These are the areas which we often miss while doing routine cleaning or dusting.
  3. They use a combination of traditional and new Biological control method where they use insecticides and also encourage harmless natural enemies to grow to control pests. Which means that they are not only killing the pests which are there but also ensuring that such pests do not multiply as rapidly as they are capable of.
  4. They choose the perfect pesticides which is the least toxic to children and easy to apply and clean. That gives us our peace of mind as we are sure that even if our kids come near to these pesticides they won’t get much harmed by them. They also ensure that they clean out everything before they leave for the day. They also use protective clothing and equipments during the entire process.
  5. They also train the house owner how to react to a situation when they get to see any kind of rodents and pests in house. That way we know how to get rid of the pests and what to do so that they do not multiply in numbers.
  6. They also dispose of the unused pesticides and empty pesticides containers when they leave.

This way we get a house which is free from pest as well as free from any kind of hassles. I am really happy with this pest control company and I have also recommended it to few of my friends and relatives.

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Mosquito misting systems

Mosquito misting systems are used in order to spray on the mosquitoes to eliminate them from any place. These Mosquito misting systems are installed outside the house or any place and these are used to spread chemicals which resist and kill mosquitoes and other insects.

Installation of Mosquito misting systems

Mosquito misting systems can be installed with the help of professionals. Installation is simple and includes sprays and nozzles and chemicals to be used in sprays. Professionals are directed about the place where the Mosquito misting systems will be installed. They can select the suitable height for the system and nozzles to make sure that best results can be obtained.

Choice of chemicals

Different types of chemicals are available in the market which can be used in Mosquito misting systems. Professionals are also able to give guidance about the types of chemicals which are best for the Mosquito misting systems. You can make your selection and also make sure that the chemicals are suitable for Mosquito misting systems.

Directions are given on chemicals about the use and the quantities for which these are to be used. It is important to follow the directions to get benefits. Using the chemicals without following the directions could be illegal and could lead to harmful effects for other humans and environment.


It is important to take good care when using Mosquito misting systems. You can select the timer so that they system can spray the chemicals in the air at a specified time. Make sure that you are not spraying on other humans or pets or in swimming pools or ponds.

Different types of chemicals used in Mosquito misting systems could be harmful for living organisms inside a pond or for pets. Make sure to set the time of spray when there are no people in the place. When you are spraying at a suitable time then you are able to get rid of mosquitoes and different types of insects.


It is good to use Mosquito misting systems as these can work well for the elimination of mosquitoes. Make sure that you are hiring professionals for installation of these systems. You can get suggestions from professionals about selection off chemicals which are to be used in these systems.

When you are installing the Mosquito misting systems at a suitable place and using reliable chemicals for elimination of mosquitoes then you can get benefits in the form of elimination of mosquitoes and other types of insects from your home or desired places.

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What are Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bees, also known as wood bees, are small, inch-long insects that closely resemble a bumblebee. You can spot the difference by noticing the carpenter bee’s less-hairy, shiny abdomen. It is important to take preventative measures against these bees, as it is much easier to prevent them rather than to get rid of them. Carpenter bees are a pest to many homes by burrowing into unfinished wood for shelter and nesting. The bees do not eat the wood, they only use it to lay eggs and live.

The bees find the wood through the odor in which the natural wood emits. They prefer untreated soft woods; even weathered wood is attractive to the carpenter bees. Although they prefer untreated wood, painted or treated wood is not necessarily a surefire way to ensure that carpenter bees don’t attack. Painting is advised over staining, as the bees are more likely to be attracted to a stained finish versus a painted finish. If painting isn’t an option, it is recommended to stain and put a gloss topcoat over the stain which will provide an extra layer and will render the wood less useful to the bees.

Painting or staining the wood is still a great deterrent, however, it is important that all cracks and crevices are painted/stained, as any wood that is left unpainted is still susceptible to damage. Painting/staining is a non-chemical approach to taking care of the issue and also tends to be a more hassle-free option. When using sprays or other methods of prevention, it is necessary to spray the wood every 3-4 weeks from spring until autumn. When spraying, you also need to ensure that all wood area is covered (under rails, decks, etc.) Any area that is left unsprayed is fair game. This is also another reason that painting/staining is a better option, because with paint or stain it is easier to see the areas that have been covered already. Once dry, paint/stain is weatherproof whereas spray can be affected by rain. Some sprays have also been known to leave a visible residue, especially against darker woods. Because of that residue, this may not be the best way to go about prevention in homes with small children, dogs, or other animals that may touch or ingest the spray. Not only does painting/staining the wood prevent these bees from attacking, it is also a great way to weatherproof the wood and add a decorative, finished flare.

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How often should service be rendered to get Crazy Ants under control?

It is recommended that you service your property every 30 days to control these pests. In order to understand why this is necessary, let’s take a look at these crazy ants for a moment. The crazy ant, – Paratrechina longicornis, is a species of ant, that according to Entomologists is not native to the United States. Although it is not entirely known where it originally came from it is thought to have arrived in North America from Africa, Asia or the Carribean. These ants are named the crazy ant because of their characteristic erratic movements and behaviors. The crazy ant is a recognized pest common to the northeastern areas of the United States, as well as the southern states, and additional states out west such as Arizona and California. The crazy ant has also been spotted in Hawaii and Canada. Crazy ant adults are typically 2-3mm in size with longer legs than other ant species.

Crazy ants will feed on an assortment of things, and so they are known to be quite omnivorous. Crazy ants have been studied to eat just about anything, including garbage and composts, sweets to include fruit. They are attracted to grease, meat, plants, and liquids. Their favored environments include places like your trash, rotting trees, foliage, and soil. They nest in rotting wood, under large rocks or timbers.

The crazy ant doesn’t fly, but these pests are still able to reach new heights. The crazy ant has been found in high floors of taller buildings, as well as the lower floors. The crazy ants are also found in kitchens. These little insects are not just a nuisances, these ants can mean big trouble. An infestation can invade a building creating considerable damage. Additionally, these bugs are well known to short electrical units. They often will forage long distances from their nests, which makes eradicating infestations a little more challenging. The crazy ant workers carry food on their backs over long distances in order to feed the colony. These colonies are fairly moderate in size, with anywhere from 8-40 Queens usually residing in a single colony. Queens lay their eggs in the nest, that the worker ants will care for. Crazy ant life cycle is approximately 68-74 days. Crazy ants do not sting, but they will bite. This isn’t a concern beyond initial discomfort as most people only have a minor reaction to the bite. Less than 1% of the population will need medical attention from these bites.
If you have crazy ants, controlling them is necessary to prevent bigger problems from arising with these destructive pests. The crazy ant reproduces quickly making the job of eliminating them more of a challenge. Contacting your pest control specialist is the best-recommended option for treating your property for crazy ants. These ants aren’t attracted to the typical ant baits or red ant baits. Commercial products have been studied to have very little impact on crazy ants. After treatment by your pest control specialist, any crazy ants that survived will simply move their colony or start another. This is why treatment is recommended every 30 days because these ants often will return to re-invade, which is one of the great challenges for eradicating them.

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Controlling Cellar Spiders

If you have a house with a cellar the chances are that you also have the perfect breeding ground for cellar spiders. They are generally fond of dampness in their environment and cellars have a tendency to hold that dampness, due to their underground location.

The spiders themselves are generally harmless and they may catch a few mosquitoes every so often. Being spiders, however, they tend to spin webs. Webs tend to gather dust and create an uncomfortable, not very clean environment in your living space. This might be a reason you want them out of your cellar or basement.

A good way to start to get rid of them, if they bother you that much, is to change the environment which they prefer. Make the space less damp through the use of a dehumidifier or some kind of heating mechanism.

Another natural way to control them is to catch them in a glass and take them outside. You can use a postcard to shut off the open end of the glass once the spider is inside. It is also possible to use insecticide to control them  but  these chemicals must be thoroughly researched  before deciding to use them.

The safest option is to call the professionals to come and deal with the problem for you.  your local directories for the most reputable company and you will have peace of mind.


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How many diseases can the cockroach carry? Which 5 are the worst?

Cockroaches are found all around the world in general they are not indeginous to a particular country or place. Cockroaches are mostly found in hiding spots like dark places or wet places (below the water basin, kitchen, and furniture items which have not been used from months). The cockroach also spreads a lot of diseases like Asthma, Salmonella, Allergies without us knowing, even we must suffer with Fever, Stomach Pain, Diarrhea, Loose motions And Vomiting.

Cockroaches are notoriously known for causing these 5 things:

  1. Food Contamination
  2. Allergies
  3. Asthma
  4. Food Poisoning
  5. Inoculation of bacteria from cockroaches

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What are the advantages of Insect Profiling?

Profiling by and large alludes to the way toward learning or recovering data about something in light of what is as of now known. Profiling will empower anyone to accumulate the data or look upon from alternate points of view. A late pattern has demonstrated that individuals are more intrigued towards the utilizing bugs as the nourishment. Utilization of nectar plainly shows our interests which has dependably been high on the rundown of items to turn out from creepy crawlies. A few bugs are eaten as extraordinarily in various social orders and in a few social orders scarab grubs and different bugs are being utilized as the normal nourishment.

At the point when discussing the employments of creepy crawlies, procedure of fertilization strikes to some degree significantly inside us. Fertilization favors for the surplus yield creation where bumblebees are the central pollinator. Silk is one of the real parts of creepy crawly profiling. Silk is delivered from the casings of the Silkworm, called as the Bombyx mori. The generation of silk is viewed as extremely important for which China supplies 80% of the world’s supply.

It is evident of the way that adjust of nature is to a great extent in view of the exercises of parasites and predators where larger part have a place with the bugs. This thought of parasites and predators unquestionably is aiding in natural control. Bugs likewise conveys stylish esteem and for lovely sensation.

Lac which is created from the Lac scaled bugs, Laccifer lacca is a central element of floor shines, shoe shines, covers, different sealants, printing inks, and varnish. Likewise, beeswax is utilized for the base of treatments, shines, flame making, corrective things, for example, salves, creams, and lipsticks.

Numerous types of scaled creepy crawlies give colors that are utilized as a part of different items, including beautifiers, shading cakes, solutions and refreshments. Tannin is a color that is picked up from creepy crawly bothers and is utilized as a part of the tanning of covers up and in the creation of changeless sturdy inks. There are different nerves that deliver colors. Organic product flies have been utilized for the hereditary studies in light of their short life expectancy of around 10 days. Cover creepy crawlies are bugs which are utilized for to clean skeletons of well evolved creatures.



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Why do field crickets appear to be attracted to buildings?

Field crickets are most commonly found in fields, pastures, meadows, along roadsides, and in yards where they feed on plants.  In some parts of the United States they can even damage crops like alfalfa, cotton, and strawberries.  During the spring and summer months they are far more common in the northern parts of the United States, however, in the fall they can be found everywhere though with some rarity in the southeastern states.

Like other insects, field crickets are attracted to light.  Which may be why they appear to be attracted to buildings.  During dry springs and summers, you may notice more crickets, which means more crickets attached to the light.  The reason for this is during those dry seasons there is a good chance that there will be less fungal diseases among the crickets’ eggs and nymphs.

To reduce the number of crickets around a building be sure to cut weeds back, remove firewood, brush, and bricks.  You can also reduce the lighting outside by turning off unnecessary lights at night or by changing them to a less attractive yellow light, as crickets appear to be more attracted to white, neon, and mercury vapor lights.  The number of crickets attracted will be much larger in the fall during their mating season.

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Spiroplasma: A Biotic Approach to Controlling Pests

These days, people are more concerned than ever about how chemicals are affecting our environment and our indoor living spaces.  Researchers are now investigating  the possibility of being able to control pests on our crops and in our homes without using harmful chemicals, One of these avenues of research is that of the bacteria known as Spiroplasma.

Spiroplasma is one of a group of bacteria that live on or inside various plants and insects. They are unique in that they have no cell walls, and generally live on or in their host without causing harm. However, researchers have noticed that if a different type of species of Spiroplasma is introduced into a host such as a tick or other arthropod, that it has the effect of being killing the male of the species. The females of the species serve to transmit the bacteria without being affected by it.  The potential uses for this “male-killing” bacteria are many. Populations of crop damaging and disease carrying insects could be reduced not only by eliminating the males of the group but also by inhibiting the reproductive cycle.  Since the bacteria are species and gender selective, other plants and creatures are not affected.

More research is being conducted into the safety, efficiency and cost of using Spiroplasma as a method of controlling and managing pests. If safe and cost-effective, it would be a valuable asset in reducing the number of chemical agents in our food, water,  homes, and the environment while eliminating invasive pests.

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