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Five strategies for Successful Flea Control

Pests are one of the major pain area in today’s household. Irrespective your house is an old one or new one you often get to see pests. They not only are dangerous but can really get you in trouble if they get access to food items. I am very particular about them and take proper care to ensure that my house is pest free. I have a contract with a pest control firm and they get to visit my house once in three months. There are few things which I like a lot about this company which I will share with you.

  1. They are very particular about their schedule. They are suppose to visit once in every three months and they are always there after making a call one day ahead of their visit. That gives us time to do necessary preparation to ensure that our life sails smooth when they do their job.
  2. They clean each and every corner of my house and upholstery. They know that the really reason for pests is dirt. These are the areas which we often miss while doing routine cleaning or dusting.
  3. They use a combination of traditional and new Biological control method where they use insecticides and also encourage harmless natural enemies to grow to control pests. Which means that they are not only killing the pests which are there but also ensuring that such pests do not multiply as rapidly as they are capable of.
  4. They choose the perfect pesticides which is the least toxic to children and easy to apply and clean. That gives us our peace of mind as we are sure that even if our kids come near to these pesticides they won’t get much harmed by them. They also ensure that they clean out everything before they leave for the day. They also use protective clothing and equipments during the entire process.
  5. They also train the house owner how to react to a situation when they get to see any kind of rodents and pests in house. That way we know how to get rid of the pests and what to do so that they do not multiply in numbers.
  6. They also dispose of the unused pesticides and empty pesticides containers when they leave.

This way we get a house which is free from pest as well as free from any kind of hassles. I am really happy with this pest control company and I have also recommended it to few of my friends and relatives.

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