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How to Overcome Problems associated with Traditional Ant Bait Delivery.

Getting the type of bait correct

Ant bait is designed to be carried back to the colony, ingested by all the ants, thereby removing the infestation problem. As such, it is necessary to choose the correct type of bait. Not unlike humans, ants really enjoy sweet, high-protein and greasy foods; make this your bait. The next concern is what type of poison to use. The trick is to have an ant return to the nest intact so that the bait can do its job as effectively as possible. Killing the carrying ant is a good start but not the goal. Non-repellent insecticide has been shown to work. Slow-acting is the superior choice.

Location, location, location

Now we need to position the bait in a place that will most likely be found by an ant. For this, it is necessary to observe the paths and trails the ants usually take from the colony and put it as close to the colony as possible. Too far away and the ant may not successfully return it back. Too close and it will be consumed outside of the colony. Feel free to bait a few trails, the more bait returned the better. Do not put the bait in a high place, the ant may not discover it. Also, do not put the bait where other food sources are close by, the any may favor these foods over the bait (like trash-cans, pets’ dishes etc). Avoid wet places, this makes the food less appealing to the ant. Finally, be mindful of other odors or chemicals that may be present, that to an ant, might discourage it from taking the bait.

Other tips

You can also ‘bait the bait’, by leaving a trail of crumbs like potato chip pieces to draw ants in closer to the bait.

If placing it outside, use a protective covering like a ‘bait station’ – a covered container that has entrance ways for curious ants who don’t know what happened to the curious cat.

It may take a while for an entire colony of ants to perish. If you notice ants are taking the bait but still showing up a few days or a week later, just know that the process can take time – the bait may be working fine, the colony just requires a few administrations.

There may be more than one colony! This is why it is important to bait many trails instead of just relying on one location.

Happy hunting!