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How does a honey bee make honey and what are the benefits of local unprocessed raw honey?

Honey bees work tirelessly to produce one of the world’s most renowned substance: honey. While mankind has all but perfected the collection and distribution of honey, it turns out nature got it right. Unprocessed, raw local honey offers the most in terms of antioxidants, immune system boosters, and overall health value. It is even considered to be a performance food in that athletes use it to replace vital carbohydrates and complex sugars in the most rigorous of competition. It is also of course praised for its taste and use in a variety of recipes. The process of making honey begins with bees collection nectar from flowers close to their hives. They collect nectar and begin processing it to convert it from raw, natural sugars into the familiar yellow, sticky substance. Once they return to their hive, bees deposit their find where other bees chew on this unprocessed substance to increase its viscosity and add even more beneficial substances. The end result is placed in a wax container and stored. Purchasing directly from the source ensures its freshness and health benefits. Shoppers should aim to purchase from local, organic sources to reap these benefits while enjoying a delicious, time-honored food that has long been perfected by nature.

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