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Controlling Cellar Spiders

If you have a house with a cellar the chances are that you also have the perfect breeding ground for cellar spiders. They are generally fond of dampness in their environment and cellars have a tendency to hold that dampness, due to their underground location.

The spiders themselves are generally harmless and they may catch a few mosquitoes every so often. Being spiders, however, they tend to spin webs. Webs tend to gather dust and create an uncomfortable, not very clean environment in your living space. This might be a reason you want them out of your cellar or basement.

A good way to start to get rid of them, if they bother you that much, is to change the environment which they prefer. Make the space less damp through the use of a dehumidifier or some kind of heating mechanism.

Another natural way to control them is to catch them in a glass and take them outside. You can use a postcard to shut off the open end of the glass once the spider is inside. It is also possible to use insecticide to control them  but  these chemicals must be thoroughly researched  before deciding to use them.

The safest option is to call the professionals to come and deal with the problem for you.  your local directories for the most reputable company and you will have peace of mind.


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