Atak Pest Control


Why is quarterly service important?

Quarterly service is highly recommended , it will save you in the long run both financially and time. And what is more valuable than time? By having us come out to your house once a quarter, that’s only once every one hundred and twenty days. You can guarantee yourself that not only will you not see us , you wont be seeing any pests either. We make sure that we get to pests before they become a problem, we do that by thoroughly going over your home inside and out. We make absolutely sure that your only guests are the people you let in!

A simple service that we are experienced and professional at will save you countless costs and give you unending piece of mind. You don’t work hard to put a roof over the head of unwanted guests who bring diseases and filth with them. Let us do the dirty work so you and your family can stay safe and secure in your pest free home.

  • Why wait until there is a problem?
  • Why let them live at the expense of your family?

With a quarterly inspection you are protected with us as your shield. You are never surprised at how much it is, the costs stays the same small small fee over the life of the contract. You never have to remember to call, we will call you and you pick the time and the date of the quarterly inspection. You can get up in the night turn on your lights without a care in the world. Your property will remain pest free as long as you allow us to care for it.

Once we give you our thumbs up, you and your family can sleep peacefully and blissfully knowing that the they are in no danger from unwanted pests. Because we are experts at what we do, not only can we identify and prevent problems before they can become problems. We can identify the cause of the problem and take steps to stop it from ever starting. Sleep easy let us fight for you. You work hard to be able to enjoy your family ,there is no reason in the world your weekends should ever be spent fighting pests. You should not even be thinking about it.

So relax enjoy your time with your family and we will do the rest . Save your time and money and enjoy your pest free home, you earned it! And a quarterly inspection is the way to safeguard it.


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