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What is an insect Monitor and what is it good for?

Well, if you are like me, you want to live in your home with the added insurance of having no bugs. You also don’t want to have visitors and have the embarrassing moment of seeing a bug or bugs. Whether those bugs are crawling around on the floor or flying around your house on a sunny day. As a homeowner, pest control is high on my list of priorities. My family has a love of lying on the floor with big pillows for movie nights instead of expensive family outings to the movies. And I promise you, nothing can ruin a movie night like a bug crawling across the floor to see what’s the movie of the night. Or to get a few kernels of that delicious butter popcorn. Who wants that? No one I presume.

This brings me to the reason for this article. In order to prevent this bug or any bug from ruining your family movie night, calling your local pest control company to place insect monitors is the best option.  I venture to say one of the major defenses against bug crashers.

What are insect monitors you ask?

Well, insect monitors span a large scale of complexity. They can be very technological or they can also be as simple as traps for example. A glue trap would be an example of an insect monitor or traps that are placed in an attic for those visitors that refuse to live outside the home.

Now let’s talk about what they are good for. As mentioned before, there are bugs looking to crash your family movie night or your family barbeque. Insect monitors are good to prevent bugs from entering your home.  Or if they, meaning the bugs, have made it into the home, the insect monitor will eliminate those bugs and further prevent any new population that may try to form. How important is that? That question is sarcastic of course. Every homeowner would love to have a home free of insects.

Why call your local pest control company?

Because they are the professional. They know the right spots to place the monitors. They also know best which monitors meet your home’s individual needs. Don’t bring a bat to a gunfight! Protect your home from the movie watching, popcorn eating bugs! Call your local pest control company and start the protection process now.

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