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What is a pollinator?

A pollinator is, in essence, a living creature that helps plants spread around a place. The term is, as far as the etymology is concerned, stems from ‘pollen’. Over one in every four American families is well-versed with the havoc that pollens can wreak, thanks to various types of pulmonary diseases and allergies that regularly affect younger members of families. But it would be wrong to think that you get exposed to pollens only outdoors when it’s very common that many people get affected in a passive way, despite not having any outdoor pollen exposure.

That is precisely why it becomes important to understand the role of pollinators in the context of American families. If you live in a place that’s not highly urbanized (a rural Midwestern town, for example), it’s very likely that a number of pollinators – right from rodents to wasps – already call your home their own. So, apart from the obvious trouble these ‘pests’ cause, secondary problems like pollen allergies, asthma or bronchitis can also be directly linked to them. As far as urban houses go, small pollinators like roaches tend to be more common than large rodents.

Pest control, in such a scenario, becomes of immense importance. Pollinators need not only be eliminated for their nuisance potential, but also be dealt a decisive blow for the huge long term ill-effects they can cause to your family.

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