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Why do field crickets appear to be attracted to buildings?

Field crickets are most commonly found in fields, pastures, meadows, along roadsides, and in yards where they feed on plants.  In some parts of the United States they can even damage crops like alfalfa, cotton, and strawberries.  During the spring and summer months they are far more common in the northern parts of the United States, however, in the fall they can be found everywhere though with some rarity in the southeastern states.

Like other insects, field crickets are attracted to light.  Which may be why they appear to be attracted to buildings.  During dry springs and summers, you may notice more crickets, which means more crickets attached to the light.  The reason for this is during those dry seasons there is a good chance that there will be less fungal diseases among the crickets’ eggs and nymphs.

To reduce the number of crickets around a building be sure to cut weeds back, remove firewood, brush, and bricks.  You can also reduce the lighting outside by turning off unnecessary lights at night or by changing them to a less attractive yellow light, as crickets appear to be more attracted to white, neon, and mercury vapor lights.  The number of crickets attracted will be much larger in the fall during their mating season.

By Tonya Fredrickson © 2016

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