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Importance of regular pest control inspections

Controlling pests has always been a matter of paramount importance since the beginning of colonial life. People have always been keen to keep their home free from a variety of pests including roaches, spiders etc. There are a variety of reasons for this being an obsession. Aside from the damages done to properties and resources, pests also spread deadly diseases including the deadly malaria and any disease that has an insect as the vector. In a year more than 5000 people are hospitalized in USA alone following insect stings. Pests are the bane of human existence since the medieval times itself where the spread of plague were rampant. Pests contaminate everything including the groceries and kitchenwares which is not very easy to recognize and prevent.

This is where regular pest inspections come into play. By regularly inspecting our surrounding through professional help, we are saving ourselves from a lot of worry and suffering when the problems actually surface. As pests also degrade wood and timber, it also saves money as only a fraction  of the repair cost would be needed to prevent the pest problems than actually curing it.Inspections should be done either every six months or once a year. It is something most of the people overlook and considered a waste of money. As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure

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Convenient Scheduling

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English: A vintage Omega pocket watch of around 1950’s origin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At Atak Pest Control, Inc. we schedule are appointments with you according to your time and not ours, except that the appointment shall be within our normal day to day operational times such as 9 am to 5pm Monday through Friday. During those times the time that is most convenient for you we will come to your home or business and apply the agreed upon treatment.

We are a locally owned and operated business and we care about you and your time. Please call us today to schedule an appointment according to your times and dates.