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Why are stoops, a dirt filled porch, ideal for termite infestation?

Termites are small insects which are harmful for humans in many ways. These termites can eat the wooden furniture in homes and lead to damage. These termites eat clothes and make holes in them. These termites can bit on the skin of humans and lead to pain and infection. There are many types of termites and they are spreading in large numbers.

Spreading places

Termites are mainly spreading due to dirty places. Dirty places have all the required items for termites to grow. They get their food from dirt and grow in huge numbers with the passage of time. They start to spread and make their lines on walls and continue to spread to different places. You can see large bulks of termites which have many types of termites in them. Some types have wings and these fly when the shelter is removed. Some types are not having wings but these types move faster and find another shelter for safety.

Elimination of termites

It is important to use protective measures so that termites could be eliminated. Different types of sprays are available in the market which can be used for elimination of termites. Many types of sprays which can kill insects are also effective for killing termites. These sprays are quick in action and kill the termites on the spot. However these are not killing the whole colony and area of termites.

It is important to use such chemicals in sprays which can kill the termites slowly. When a slow killing spray is used for elimination of termites then the poison will be taken to the whole colony by some termites. As a result the entire colony will be infected with the poison and eliminated in a short time period. You can select such slow killing poisons to be used in sprays so that termites can be eliminated.

Termites can be eliminated by using sprays which will fill the soil. You can use these chemicals and mix them as per directions and make small canal around the walls. Then you can fill the canals with chemicals to make sure that termites could be resisted. When your home is covered with a protective layer of chemicals then termites will find it hard to get entry.

If any types of termites get entry in the home then you can use sprays on them to eliminate them. Slow killing chemicals are good for elimination of termites as these will spread the poison in the whole colony and kill it in a short time period.

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