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Is there a single standard rodent Behavior?

Rodents are such diverse creatures. More than half the mammals on earth are rodents. Think about all the different types: Rabbits, mice, hamsters, those giant ones in South America, beavers, moles and guinea pigs. That’s a small sample from a much longer list.

What single behaviour do they all share? Actually there are many different behaviors that all rodents do such as seek a mate, breed, find food, go to the toilet and make nests.

One thing that is very rodent like and that they pretty much all do is this; they nibble. In fact they are very well adapted to the act of nibbling. The very word “rodent” acknowledges what makes them some of the best nibblers in the world – their teeth.

The “dent” in rodent comes from “dentures”, meaning teeth. The “ro” part probably means “long” in some ancient language.

The best of the rodent nibblers is of course the cute and hard working beaver. They can fell whole trees with those front teeth of theirs.

This nibbling behavior can cause damage to property in some cases, such as if the rodents are living in close proximity with humans. In these cases steps can be taken to control the rodents or remove them from the living space.


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Is there a sustainable product for killing ants and cockroaches?

Ants and cockroaches are causing different types of problems for people in routine life. Ants and cockroaches are found in every house and these are attracted due to food items spilling in home or on the floor. Those places which are not clean have many types of ants and cockroaches. It is important to keep the places clean in order to avoid ants and cockroaches.

There are many types of products in the market which can be used for elimination of ants and cockroaches. Different types of things could be made at home in order to eliminate ants and cockroaches. You can make things and use tips at home to eliminate ants and cockroaches in a natural manner.

Soapy water

Soapy water is good for killing ants and cockroaches. You can mix some soap in water in order to make a solution. This solution must be used in a spray bottle so that the ants and cockroaches could be targeted and killed on the spot. This type of spray can be made easily as you can use any type of soap for making this spray.

You can place this spray in a small bottle to make sure that you are able to use it when needed. When you see ants and cockroaches then you can use this spray directly in order to eliminate them. You can also spray soapy water on places which are hidden so that ants and cockroaches could be eliminated.

Cucumber slices

Slices of cucumber are good for providing resistance to ants and cockroaches. You can place slices of cucumber at different places so that ants and cockroaches could be avoided. It is good to use bitter cucumbers as these will provide more resistance and you will notice that ants and cockroaches are not able to enter your place.

This simple method can be used at any place and it will provide resistance for entry of ants and cockroaches. If you have ants and cockroaches at any place then this method will help in their elimination in a natural manner.


Different types of sprays are available in the market, which are able to eliminate ants and cockroaches. These sprays must not be used near food items as these could be poisonous. These types of sprays are providing instant relief from ants and cockroaches and kill them on the spot.

You can use sprays of your choice and use them on ants and cockroaches to eliminate them at any time. If you are suffering with problems of ants and cockroaches and you are looking for a reliable and instant solution then you can try sprays from the market.


Pieces of garlic are working well for elimination of ants and cockroaches. You can cut some slices of garlic and place them in different places where ants and cockroaches are present. These will work naturally and resist ants and cockroaches.

You can use this method at any place and get instant relief from ants and cockroaches. Slices of garlic can be used safely and provide resistance for ants and cockroaches for any place.

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